Technical Support

Knowledge base

In our knowledge base you can find an information on how to use Deploy4Me, troubleshoot it and software deployment technical details. How-toes, learning materials, step-by-step guides and technical references. That are the topics we are covering in the knowledge base.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If you have a question and it is not in the knowledge base (Like general questions about our service, our credit card payments operator, partnership or any other) then you can read our FAQ section. Here you also may arise a question for us.

Deploy4Me YouTube channel

Sometimes you just need to see how to install the software and which button to click. This is where the videos can be helpful. Apart from tutorials we also regularly post webinars and community videos.

E-mail support

As a general rule please use Deploy4Me's knowledge base, FAQ and the issue tracker to resolve any issues. If it doesn't help then we are happy to respond via e-mail. Please note the our ability for e-mail support is limited. So, it may take some time.