Pricing for Cloud Deployments

Deploy into your Cloud Provider infrastructure

Pay-As-You-Go means that you would pay only for deployment services.
No subscriptions, no vendor lock, no hourly rate fees.

You receive the configured servers with the software you requested. No more, no less.
Once deployed we burn the bridges and have no access to your instances anymore.

Major Software
5 credits
Promoted Soft
1 credit
Free Credits
on Sign Up
4 credits

Our Juggernaut Features

  • Bake a server your way
  • No code required
  • No limit on software per server
  • Pre-configured security

Buy Deploy4Me Credits


* The credits if unused will expire in 1 year period.
** Tax amount is a subject of the country regulations. Sign in to have more precise pricing.

All deployed servers are configured according to the best practices. Deploy4Me won't lock you in any aspect of the cloud usage, have no hidden fees and adds no extra costs to your cloud bill. Once deployed we burn the bridges and have no access to your servers anymore.

All Deployment Plans include

  • Pre-configured security
  • Multiple Software per Server
  • No code required
  • Bake a server your way

We are faster and cheaper!


2 days from $1200


1 day from $400


3 min $4.4 per server