Become a Partner

We are always looking for an opportunity to partner with the software vendors, cloud services, retailers and other interesting projects. Our service allows customized deployment to any cloud service. At the moment we have some partnership scenarios:

  • Your software on Deploy4Me. It can be open source, trial or licensed product. We deploy it on behalf of a customer. If your products dependent on any additional software then we can install all dependencies as well.
  • New way to deploy software for your customers. No code, no manuals, no headache. Your customers will receive product in a cloud and will start using it straight away. The product will be configured according to your best practices. You can get a button for your website and place it on the downloads page.
  • Free cloud deployments for your customers. Make deployment of your software more attractive. Get a promo code and share it between your customers or get a promo button for your website.
  • Your software recommended by Deploy4Me. While selecting a software to deploy, a customer seeing a recommended product. We can recommend your software together with other popular products.

If you have new ideas to partner with us then feel free to contact us. Thank you for attending!

D4M Team


is a software deployment service for everyone that helps prepare a cloud as quickly as possible with no code.

  • Cloud of your choice
  • No code required
  • No limit on software per server
  • Production ready
  • Pre-configured security