PHP cloud deployment

PHP is a popular scripting programming language for web and server applications. It is widely used by open source projects and have millions of developers who using it all over the world each day. All popular web servers provide a way to run PHP scripts: Apache runs it as a native module, Nginx and IIS run it via FastCGI.

PHP interpreters are very lightweight with a good performance. PHP closely integrated with Apache web server and MySQL database. So, for the best performance you can use it as part of the LAMP or LEMP stack.

Deploy4Me deploy and configure PHP in a cloud including a firewall configuration, set up of the environment variables, configuration of the memory parameters for the most common scenarios. All applications on PHP will have the same professional level of deployment and configuration.

Deploy PHP to the clouds (click it)

Amazon Web Services EC2
Google Compute Engine

PHP deployment options and scenarios

Standalone deployment


Step-by-Step LAMP installation

How to install PHP in the cloud

To automatically deploy PHP in a cloud follow the steps:

Sign in to Deploy4Me
Set up a connection to AWS, DigitalOcean or Google Cloud
Select PHP and change the params if needed:
Server size
Operating system
and other params
Accept the license and make a payment if required

Deploy4Me tool deploys your software automatically. The installation starts after the last wizard step.
Just wait for email confirmation or watch the real time deployment log.
Once deployed, check your new servers in a cloud and start using it straight away!

Available in Cloud
Amazon Web Services EC2
Google Compute Engine
PHP Group, The
Available Versions
Programming Languages
Scripting Language
Deploy4Me Pricing
Promoted deployment
Free software license
Unix-like (Linux/BSD/Other)
Supported on OS
Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS x64
Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS x64
Windows Server 2012 Base x64