Bake a server your Way

No scripts, No manuals, No headache

Deploy4Me is a service that installs a software into a cloud. No extra code or technical knowledge is required. You just get fully configured, integrated and secure cloud environment for your business or project. Each server or software can be configured independently.

Deploy4Me Wizard's Servers page

Cloud of your choice or
your own infrastructure

Select one of the popular cloud providers like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Windows Azure. If you wish to use your own infrastructure then you can download virtual machine images for your hypervisor. Technically speaking this is a cloud provisioning.

Deploy4Me Wizard's Connections page

Friendly search in a software ocean

Quick search, multiple filters, recommendations... We made everything to find what you need. Based on our experience we can recommend the products which good at working together.

Deploy4Me Wizard's Software page

Trial, licensed or free software

We can install licensed, trial or open source software. You can use your own key or provide it after trial period. We are not selling any licenses. Feel free to bring your own.

Deploy4Me Wizard's License page

Operations with instances made simpler

Play and juggle with servers and farms. Add, copy, join or split the server instances in a visual editor. No code required. Only a friendly interface. Only parameters that you really need.

Deploy4Me Wizard's operations

Configure once and use for multiple environments

Once created your project can be deployed multiple times. It is useful when you are preparing a few environments. Development, staging and production environments can be deployed using single project with no extra efforts.

Deploy4Me Wizard's Project page

Servers summary ready to print or documenting

All server details available on a summary page. If you prefer lists then use Summary view instead of Diagramm view. It is also useful for validating settings before the deployment. By the way, your server details information is ready to print.

Deploy4Me Wizard's Summary page