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Posted on Feb 09, 2016 by Paul Scott | Tags: feature , community

Deploy4Me Cloud Sketches

What is a Cloud Sketch?

We are happy to present a new feature of Deploy4Me service. It is called the Cloud Sketch. The Cloud Sketch is a shared project, which you can send to your colleagues and friends. Anyone can deploy a new project using the Cloud Sketch as a template. It gives you an opportunity to share your experience in architecture and deployment planning with other people. The feature would help to discuss the deployment with a customer; share a task for the students; hand over the environment to another person; let the community know about the best practices or explain the plan to others.

Where to find it?

We have prepared a collection of the popular cloud sketches. It includes the popular deployments like Jira and Confluence installed together and ownCloud on Ubuntu installation. Feel free to share your cloud sketch and enrich the collection.

How to share a Cloud Sketch?

The sharing of cloud sketch requires to share some information about you. The option to share your profile and provide a public nickname available in your details after login. The public profile contains just a nickname for now. So, it won't affect any private information. All public profiles are listed under Community People.

To share the cloud sketch do the following:

  1. Create a new project using the deployment wizard and stop at licensing step
  2. Select the project from the list of your projects
  3. Make sure you have the title and description filled
  4. Click Share as Cloud Sketch button
  5. Provide a name for the Cloud Sketch page
  6. Click Save

Share a project as a Cloud Sketche

What am I sharing?

If you share a Cloud Sketch you allows others to see the farms and server deployment plan. Just the general parameters like server size and port number. When somebody deploys a project from the sketch that parameters are copied. So, it is not different from manual adding servers to the project. None of your orders, passwords or connections are shared. Your deployment plan will be visible for everyone helping to deploy the software quicker and smarter.

We hope the Cloud Sketches will be helpful for you. Happy deployment!

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