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Deploy4Me deploys software to DigitalOcean

Deploy4Me are proud to announce the support for DigitalOcean cloud hosting. DigitalOcean is one of the fast growing clouds and a popular community. All Deploy4Me software now can be deployed to a droplet (virtual server) hosted by DigitalOcean. Apart from the professional deployment and configuration we configure the popular features like private networking and individual firewall for each droplet. Also, we are listed as a DigitalOcean community project. Feel free to like us in DO community. More details read below the cut.

The weeks after the Christmas was a very exciting period for Deploy4Me. The second release has brought an integration with DigitalOcean, the changes in a visual style of the home page and more noticeable bright new images of the cloud software we deploy.

How-to connect the DigitalOcean account?

DigitalOcean supports OAuth. And OAuth is a great mechanism which allows us to connect to the cloud in a few clicks. We can automatically connect your DigitalOcean and Deploy4Me accounts and have your cloud provisioned without any delays. Let's take a look how to add a new connection.

In the deployment wizard, you now can connect to DigitalOcean. It's available as a new cloud provider:

Add a new DigitalOcean connection
Fig. 1: Add a new DigitalOcean connection

To connect, you will need to allow Deploy4Me integration in DO:

Getting the authentication code from DigitalOcean
Fig. 2: Getting the authentication code from DigitalOcean

Once it's done, your connection is ready. You now able to deploy something.

New connection is ready
Fig. 3: New connection is ready

How we deploy the droplets?

Deploy4Me deploys all droplets within the private network. In this case all servers will be joined together to simplify the management. DO networking provides a limited set of the feature. Mostly you would get only private IPs. It is expected that DO will provide more features in the future, so your droplets will be ready for that.

As soon as DO do not provide a centralized firewall infrastructure, you would need to think about the security. Deploy4Me configures the firewall rules for each droplet. Mostly it is the configuration of iptables. It is reliable but we advise you to double check the security of your servers.

What about DNS names?

DO by default do not provide a public DNS name. That is why Deploy4Me uses public IP as a DNS name. It has a side effect that once your software is deployed you would need to check it typing an IP address in your browser. So, put something like http://<droplet ip> to connect to your server and have a quick check. Later you will be able to configure a DNS name pointing to that IP.

The software separated in multiple servers will be deployed using private IP for all integrations. This is the usual approach to ensure your servers interacting within the private network. It allows you to secure such connections.

What about the SSH keys?

Deploy4Me generates SSH keys during the droplet provisioning. All droplets will be secured with the SSH keys. This is the most secure and reliable mechanism provided by DO to connect to your servers. The SSH keys are available after the deployment together with all other passwords.

Ready to start?

We are excited that a new cloud provider now available for everyone who use Deploy4Me. Click the button below to start your deployment:

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