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Posted on Jan 29, 2015 by Paul Scott | Tags: feature , community

Deploy4Me Now Open

Today we start posting to the company blog. As you know Deploy4Me is a cloud deployment service. Our main goal is to create a service which will change the attitude of the business to the server software installation and deployment. We are going to make a breakthrough in the way how people deploy a software and use a cloud.

To help with it, we would move our service in the four main directions:

  1. Software Database which will cover as many software products as we can;
  2. Cloud integration for the most popular cloud providers;
  3. User interface for less experienced users who just need the server software for business or project. Less configuration, less time spending, more value;
  4. Professional architecture and infrastructure advice. The good architecture should not be a compromise.

To achieve that we will provide the series of releases through this year to extend the number of supported software and cloud providers. We will take the steps to keep our interface simple as it is right now. To meet the expectations on the architecture advice we will provide an ability to share the projects between users and conduce the community growth and support for everyone.

We already have done a lot and we hope to achieve much more this year. Your feedback is valuable, so let us know what you think. Let's make Deploy4Me the best deployment option for everyone!

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