What is Deploy4Me?

Deploy4Me is a service that installs a software into a cloud. No extra code or technical knowledge is required. You just get fully configured, integrated and secure cloud environment for your business or project. Select one of the popular cloud providers like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure or use your own infrastructure. Technically speaking this is a cloud provisioning.

How it works? Sign up for Deploy4Me account, select a software for your project, connect to a cloud provider and click deploy. The service will do the rest. Our goal is to keep configuration simple. You will get a standard environment (vanilla installation as we call it) and would not spend the valuable time. If you want more flexibility, then you can change the most important parameters like software URL or port and play with what and where to install.

It is developed for...

For ourselves. We like software development but we don't want to spend time on an infrastructure configuration. DevOps is a good thing but it is not necessary. The software for all our websites including Deploy4Me are deployed using Deploy4Me.

For Programmers and DevOps who have to configure the development, staging and production environments, but they do not want to spend days on careful documentation reading, software download and configuration. They like development, so why to spend time on something else?

For System administrators who are lonely warriors of our age. They are responsible for all company systems, but have limited time for something new while it requires more and more time and knowledge. Now you have an option. There is no more chance to say: “have no idea how to deploy it” or “I need a week to configure this thing”.

For Consulting companies it is a secret weapon. Reduce project time and deployment issues while delivering the perfect systems to a customer. Partnership with Deploy4Me would allow you to quickly deploy even an exotic software and the complex configurations.

For Startups who always looking for a quicker and cheaper way of fulfilling their dreams. We know how hard it is to prepare for website launch. You know what is required: source code repository, web server, reverse proxy, server script interpreter, database, cache, mailing server, issue tracker, bug tracker, forum, service desk, cloud configuration, finance keeper... and it is just a beginning for one server. We would deploy it 4 you.

We are not forgetting about the Students. Now it is possible to taste almost any system and gain a valuable experience. Make an overview of IT products or just be prepared for your diploma project.

What's next?

There are a lot of things to do next. We are working with you and with our partners to make the service better. We are preparing to launch some interesting and useful features on Deploy4Me which will please you.

It will be fun here! Keep an eye on Deploy4Me updates. Thank you for attending!

D4M Team


is a software deployment service for everyone that helps prepare a cloud as quickly as possible with no code.

  • Cloud of your choice
  • No code required
  • No limit on software per server
  • Production ready
  • Pre-configured security
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