Software goes cloud. Deploy4Me assists

Professional software deployments for everyone

Deploy4Me is a next generation service for cloud deployments. It is better then an old-fashined database of the Virtual Machine images. It is a new way to get a fully customized server environment in a few clicks.

We believe that using Deploy4Me anyone can install a software into a cloud like a professional. You even can have no idea about the server software, but start using it straight away. Cloud deployments with no compromises.

Create a server landscape you need

Deploy4Me provides a unique interface to work with a cloud and the software. You can do almost everything: Join, Split, Add or Remove software from a server. Nobody does it better. You now not limited by the predefined VM images. You do not need to search for distributions, download or configure it. No code, no manuals, no headache. Just create an architecture you need. Bake a server you way.

Integrations made exclusively by Deploy4Me

Deploy4Me supports a software integration using server farms. This means that your servers will work together. It opens up the ability to create a really professional architecture. For example your can separate your database server and share it between multiple products. Or you can install several server products on a single server and get a very special configuration nobody offering except for Deploy4Me.